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Pro Shooters stocks virtually all major firearm and ammunition brands. What isn’t in stock, we can get, frequently overnight. There are very few people that have the selection Pro Shooters has, making us one of the best gun shops in The United States.  Hundreds and hundreds of firearms  and ammunition are in stock.  We typically receive tons of new guns and other items daily.  It’s always fun to stop in and see what is new.


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AR-15 Complete Uppers (42)

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We are Pro Shoooters,  a gun dealer and ammunition store with a wide selection of new guns, pistols and ammunition.

As an experienced Firearm Store. our qualified staff at Pro Shooters can assist gun enthusiasts of all skill levels and experience, whether purchasing or learning to use firearms.

When purchasing new or used firearms from our gunshop or any gun dealer, take due caution to become aware of relative state and local laws.

Pro Shooters offers regular gun deals throughout the year on such names as Wolf, Winchester, Portugal, Speer and Estate Target.

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Pro Shooters has one of the best gun selections in all of the United States.  Whether a customer is looking for black rifles, hunting guns, shooting pistols, concealment handguns, cowboy revolvers, or any other sort of firearms, Pro Shooters is the place with hundreds and hundreds of guns. Seriously, come see it.  We have more guns than almost anyone. Anything a shooter needs, Pro Shooters has, and if not it can likely be ordered in almost overnight.  Last, our selection of used guns for sale can’t be beat. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re happy to be your  gun trader.



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